The Last Season

The Last Season
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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Up Periscope

Not much prep tonight. Straight to the theory.

My Theory

I've been thinking a little too much just how the Oceanic 6 would be departing from Mystery Frikkin' Island, and I have come to the conclusion that they will be going by Submarine. I think were gonna get a Locke flashback that shows John moving the sub and swimming back to the pier.

See, I think John never really blew it up. He just parked it for later and blew up the dock instead. Yea, that's why he's all wet. But it's not just Johnnie Boy that's gonna save 'em. He'll need someone's help to drive the boat. wouldn't you know, Ben just happens to know how to operate the sub too.

Of course, it's a small sub and can only handle a few passengers at a time. So, besides Ben only six others can fit on the sub. Mmmmmm... who could those 6 be? I can see the long goodbye kiss between Jack and Juliette on the pier now. Awwww. Ben and James wouldn't be going back, and since they are somehow split up and in a hurry to leave, Jin and the rest get left behind because they are nowhere around.

It's because they have to leave in a hurry, maybe they are in a firefight and Ben says, "Let's go! We have to leave now!" So this is how they leave the island. Probably forcing Sun aboard because she doesn't want to leave Jin behind. Claire is most likely injured, maybe in a coma and can't be moved, so they grab baby Aaron and run. This also explains how Ben got off the island.

Maybe they make a quick stop over at the Freighter and pick up Sayid. I can see how Michael would get himself killed helping Sayid get rescued by the Sub, and allowing all of the O6 to get away. This completes his redemption cycle. I'm really not sure about Desmond though. I'm postulating here that he makes it back to the island somehow. especially since he can now control his mind during time travel with the help of his Constant, Penny.

And since Daniel wrote in his journal that Desmond is his constant, I imagine we'll be seeing Desmond well into next season, at least.

That is the WTF ending for the finale, but not the last shot. After we come back from commercials for the last 45 seconds of the season, we see Ben dropping them off on some nearby island and disappearing while the O6 are all standing on the beach as a rescue ship approaches, Yea, were saved!



hatchling 23

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Oceanic 5.5

In the episode Expose', set on day 49 on the island, I picked up on something Ben said. As Ben and Juliette were in the Pearl Hatch watching a monitor seeing Jack in the Swan station, Juliette asked Ben how he would get Jack to do the surgery? Ben's answer? "By finding out what he is emotionally invested in and exploiting it". He got himself captured and found out that Jack's weakness was Kate.

What does this have to do with Season 4 of LOST and what is currently going on? Well, a couple of things I've noticed recently made me wonder what is currently going on with the Oceanic 6.

Now that we know who they are and have had a flash forward of each of them, I think the pieces are starting to fall into place. The first clue was in the Season finale "Through The Looking Glass" when Jack started whining to Kate, "I'm sick of lying". That started me wondering just exactly what he has to be lying about.

The second clue was in Hurley's flash forward when Matthew Abbadon visits him and asks, "They're still alive. aren't they?"

The third clue was Kate and the reveal about her having Aaron as her child. Jack knows that Aaron is his nephew and it's killing him to have to lie about it. He can't bring himself to see Aaron or have to lie to him.


But the definite proof in the pudding was Sun screaming for her husband during childbirth. Yes, that was a giveaway and it cemented my theory. The date on the tombstone was pretty obvious, especially since the producers made a point of showing the headstone in a close up knowing everyone (especially bloggers like me) would freeze frame it and read the dates.


Not only is Jin alive but so is Claire, and for that matter probably most of the rest of the Losties. Somewhere along the way a deal was made, and in this deal, a few people get to leave the island, but under the promise that they must keep their mouths shut.

Who would make such a deal? and what could you hold over someone's head that is powerful enough that they won't spill the beans about the island or it's location? Especially if they are celebrities with the whole world watching them and listening to their story about the plane crash and their survival.

Here is what happens... Somehow Ben is able to manipulate both Jack and Locke to help him get rid of the freighter people. How you say? By promising them a ticket off the island. Not everyone though, and I'm sure he doesn't explicitly say this, But a few are promised a ticket home. I'm sure that he leverages Sun's pregnancy and the urgency of her getting off the island by her second trimester.

But back to pulling the strings. Here's how it works. At some point in the next few episodes Jack will find out that Claire is his sister and that is what Ben has to hold over Jack's head. Claire is held hostage on the island to keep Jack's mouth shut. She will make a heart wrenching decision not to have her baby grow up on Mystery Frickin' Island, so she will give Aaron to Kate to take off the island. Kate must raise Aaron as her own, both to protect Claire and because Ben has probably threated to harm Aaron if she spills the beans.

That's two down. Sun obviously has to leave in order to give birth to Ji Yeon, but how to contain her? By keeping Jin on the island. She said she missed him and now we know why.

Number four is a little easier. Clearly either Ben framed Widmore or maybe Widmore really had Nadia killed. Either way Sayid's anger pushing him to get payback made it easy for Ben to recruit him to work for him. Sayid has always been the dutiful soldier, never directly the leader, but always ready to take orders and act. There is no one left on the island for Sayid to care about as he was really quick to jump on Lapidus' chopper for the first flight out, so Ben had to find and exploit something else Sayid found near and dear. Ben probably has or created evidence of Widmore killing Nadia and used it to recruit Sayid.

Remember Ben saying " Is there anything a man wouldn't do to save his son?", no? You will because he will utter that line in "Meet Kevin Johnson". That is how he recruited Michael in the first place. And how he continues to keep Michael under his control.

But I digress, The last of the Oceanic celebrities to leave is Hugo. Now, I've been pondering just exactly what Ben could hold over Hugo's head that would keep him quiet. We all know that Hugo is a big softie and gets along with everyone. Could Ben have threated Rose? or Claire? This is where Libby would have really come in handy. I'm not sure yet what Ben has over Hurley except that it's something big. Maybe we haven't seen it or her yet? But when Chawley visits Hugo in Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute, he tells Hugo, "They Need You".

Yes it's Ben. He's the bad guy here. Somehow by the end of this season we will see Jack and Locke team up with Ben to kill off the Freighties, end the freighter storyline and in the process sell their souls to the Devil (Ben). Once off the island they will be eaten up with regrets and realize what a crappy deal they made. They must get back to save the rest of the losties.

Get Back Jack, Back to Where You Once Belonged.

What's waiting down the road? As Penny once told Desmond in the parking lot when Des asked her how she found him. Penny said "With enough money and determination, you can find anyone".

How true, and this is where Hugo's money and possibly Sun Paik's father's money will come in. They will return to the island and rescue Jin and Claire and all the rest. Well not all the rest, Locke and Rose won't want to leave. They might just spend their remaining days on the island. Who knows, maybe they are the skeletons in the caves?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Puppy Love

Generally characters in this show are introduced by name only when they have some role to play in the overall story. Sometimes in a flashback to establish a connection between two losties or possibly to fill out a main characters back story and provide insight into their life and motivations. I think the latter is the case with the subject of tonight's wacky mystery.

Annie, our young Apollo candy bar eating school mate of Benjamin Linus is a mystery that has been rattling around my little brain for quite a few months now. Really we weren't given very much to go on here so I am going to do some sleuthing and maybe jump to a few conclusions along the way.

Dharma Girl:

At the time Ben first met Annie she appeared to be a little younger than Ben although they were in class together. She obviously had been on the island for some time as she was familiar with classroom procedures and by her opening line to Ben, "Hey, You're new huh?". I noticed she handed Ben the Apollo bar with her left hand although I think this was just for the camera's sake to position the candy bar so the camera could pick it up better. I say this because later in the classroom scene Annie is shown writing with the pencil in her right hand.

Some observations here. At no time does Horace mention he has a daughter nor does Olivia (the teacher) indicate Annie could be her daughter even after the gun shots are heard. She directs Annie to lock the door as if Annie has done this before (she even says to Ben " Don't worry, it's only the Hostiles") but I think a parents natural reaction would be to get close to their child in an emergency. Olivia would have been more protective if it were her daughter. Later, after the purge, when Ben closes Horace's eyes back at the barracks, there is no evidence of Annie. Somehow I doubt that she would approve of Ben killing her parents. Therefore I conclude that Annie is not the child of Horace and Olivia Goodspeed and was not on the island at the time of the Purge.

Annie's comment at the swing set was that" Now we never have to be away from each other" was touching but clearly not true. I believe Annie left the island shortly after this point in time as evidenced by the way Ben handled the doll on the morning of the Purge. He saw it on the table and picked it up very gently, almost reverently and it was clearly worn by years of handling. The paint was worn off and faded. This would indicate Ben carried it with him or held it many times over the years while thinking of Annie, not something he would do if she were around to talk to or spend time with.

Then there's the scene with Ben in the tent holding the doll and reminiscing as Richard walked in. Ben asked him "You do remember birthdays, don't you? Today just happens to be mine". the question has a double meaning as the doll indicates the only person to remember Ben's birthday was Annie. To me this indicates Ben only ever knew Annie as a child and not as an adult. Because if Ben knew her as an adult, he would have a more appropriate keepsake of a woman than a childhood gift. Also, there is no picture other than of Alex, his adopted daughter in his house or tent.

One goofy theory is that Danielle is Annie. There is no glint of recognition in either one's eyes when they meet in either scene, when Ben is caught in the net and she shoots him with the crossbow or when they meet at the radio tower and he introduces Alex to her mother. Also their subsequent conversations about fleeing the freighter people show no sign of emotion, and clearly Ben shows emotion when thinking about Annie as seen when he looks at the doll. Danielle's accent is just a bonus to indicate that she is not from the island and did not conceive Alex on island.

There has been some speculation that Annie got pregnant on the island and died in childbirth and this is why Ben has the obsession with children being born via conception on the island. I disagree. I think that the conception/maternal death has always been a part of the islands makeup. This is why there is not a large thriving indigenous population on this island dating back to antiquity, Ben's obsession is caused by his guilt over his own childbirth, and thus has meaning to him of significantly greater importance than the rest of the others. This explains his need to recruit Juliette to try to grow his little island population.


As we will see in a flashback, Juliette has been involved in some interesting lab work in the Orchid Station, directed by none other than Charles Widmore. Yes, 'Ol Chuckie has been to the island more than once and we are talking about after the Purge. But back to the topic of tonight's discussion.

If Annie left the island as a child, she had to be the daughter of someone of some importance in the Dharma Initiative. I believe she is Charles Widmores daughter. No not Penelope, but Penny's older sister. Ben has been traveling off island to try to get to her and this caused the rift between Ben and Charles Widmore that has eventually resulted in open warfare between the two and ultimately Widmore sending the Freighter and it's crew to capture Ben and bring him to Charles.

They are prepared for what the island has to offer because Widmore knows the islands secrets and picked the team for their skills and abilities. Just as Desmond was exiled to Mystery Frickin Island so he would stay away from Charles Widmore's other daughter. That was three years ago and Charles was probably still speaking with Ben at that point since Widmore was on island during the time Juliette was there. He probably told Ben he was sending Desmond to the island and he should keep an eye on him. Kinda nice that it worked out Kelvin did just that by keeping Desmond busy for the next three years pushing a button.

Annie will return to the island at some point and it will be a significant moment for all concerned. It would not even be out of the realm of possibility that the skeletons in the cave are Ben and Annie, although I've really thought all along they would be Desmond and Penny.

Remember The Past:

With all the comings and goings to and from the island that Ben must be doing, I think we have a pretty good idea now who or what his CONSTANT is.


Friday, February 22, 2008

Prison Break (LOST style)

I tuned in at 8:00 pm central last night ready to watch LOST and instead, what came on was Prison Break. I had to check that I was on the right channel. I mean there were the same characters I knew from watching LOST before, Locke, Kate, Sawyer, Ben, and even some angry little guy tied up in a small shed. But what was going on here?

Locke played the part of the warden, Hugo the dim witted guard, Kate the insider with a plan, Sawyer as captain of the guard, and Ben and Miles as the prisoners. What, no guard tower with a machine gun? The rest of the group was busy hiding in their new houses, BAA BAA BAA.

You would think someone like me who is so fanatical about this show that I write a blog about it and have heaped mountains of praise on it's writers, producers and actors could not possibly find fault in it. But sadly, that is not the case. So far, I give this season a grade of D Minus for it's terrible change of direction.

Maybe the writers and producers have been reading too much Shipper fan mail and think that that's all we are interested in. Last nights episode sucked. I even liked "Stranger in a Strange Land" better than this and I couldn't care less about Jack's tattoos.

Kate's motivation was just to find out if the Freighter people knew who she was? Couldn't she have just asked Charlotte or Frank when she was standing next to them. Did we really need the Prison Break drama? What did we learn? Miles wants to extort 3.2 million (not 3.3 million or 3.4 million) from Ben because he knows Ben is worth it.

Another bone I need to pick is, Is it only me or does it seem like the budget for this show has been cut dramatically? All I see now is people walking around and talking in the same sets from last year and flashing a lot of guns around. I did notice that upon second viewing of this episode that there are like 23 executive producers on this staff or roughly one executive producer for every cast member. Is this where the show's budget has gone?

How could we be 4 episodes in to the new season and no Smokey? One incidence of whispers, and that was to Hugo. How come a Ghostbuster isn't hearing anything? NO new hatches, even though we were teased during the haitus about an Orchid hatch, a Wave hatch, a glimpse of Dr. Marvin Candle or a Temple where the Others are hiding out.

In my next post I will write you the outline of the episode you should have written by now. Count me among the Island Mystery fans who are being left out of season 4.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wasting away in Margaritaville

I'm really sorry I read the spoiler for episode 4. Eggtown has "Filler" and "Time Waster" written all over it. I think I stopped caring about Kate some time during season three. I AM NOT A SHIPPER!! I don't even like the term.

I think the whole screwing Sawyer while trying to flirt with Jack is nonsense. She made her choice, now she should stick with it. The whole episode just to get her probation and for that reveal? I won't spoil it for anyone who doesn't know, but I hope there is more to this episode than what I read.

They are supposed to be moving the story forward. Awww, what the hell, maybe I'm expecting too much.

I guess I really liked the show so much better when there were island mysteries to solve. Whatever happened to hatches, smoke monsters, whispers and ancient ruins? How could we be four episodes into this season and no smoke monster? So far, only Hugo heard whispers and only near Jacob's cabin. I would've thought Miles would be going out of his mind with all the dead people on craphole island longing for someone to talk to.

Wouldn't Shannon just be trying to chat up a storm with the only guy who could hear her?

Speaking of Miles, I think he will be the first casualty of the island. Sure, he'll get his chance to chat with Jacob at some point, but then it's curtains for him. He's gonna be a victim of Ben somehow.

The one to watch out for is Charlotte. She's got an agenda, and it's gonna be an interesting one. I don't think she will ever leave the island either, but she will stay by choice. And I don't believe any of this nonsense I've read about Charlotte being Annie's daughter. Ben would not have tried to put two slugs in her if she was.

Speaking of Annie, I have a few ideas I will flesh out in a future article very soon.


Island Tourists

I was really anxious to start the season and see where the writers were going to lead us in this new storyline for season 4. Sure the first episode started a little slow. Then we had a set up episode about the new "boaties" (I like this term better than "Freighties"). But then I read the recappers covering S4Ep2. I almost had to puke. Enough of the Fantastic Four nonsense, were you all drinking the same Kool-Aid and reading the same comic books?

This weeks batch of recappers finally hit their stride with some insightful and clever observations. I especially have to give props to Erica aka "e" from Long Live Locke for an excellent summary and for supporting my notion that time is a very relevent part of this story.

This blog is called "LOST island TIME" after all. I picked up on this little notion just about the time I first saw the "Black Rock" sitting out there in the jungle all alone. This was reinforced by the skeletons in the "Rape Caves" Thanks, Shannon.

But the proof in the pudding is courtesy Daniel Faraday and his little payload experiment. Now how to explain this, I mean 31 seconds or 31 minutes doesn't really matter to me except to prove there is something weird about the island in the stream of time.

I wish I could come up with some all encompassing theory about what is going on in terms of the time difference between island time and rest of world time, but I can't. I'm really just along for the ride like most of you.

Something else that has been bugging me. Now that we know some survivors are going to get off island, it kind of makes their remaining time on island a little less perilous, doesn't it? Hurley is not in any danger, likewise Kate and Jack. We know that Sayid has a safe ride back home and no matter what happens when he reaches the freighter, he won't be in any real mortal danger.

Now the same can't really be said for those who stay behind. I am afraid something very bad is going to happen to the rest of the castaways. Sawyer, Locke and Claire are in for some nasty business ahead.

Now that the setup stuff is done, how about we get to the meat of the story?


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Sky Turned Purple...

Okay fellow LOST fans, every magazine I pick up this week has some top ten list of 2007. Well, I'm gonna give my top ten list of 2008, (predictions that is). I know that the information is coming fast and furious now with new spoilers and teasers coming almost daily, so some of these will be rendered untrue by the time the first episode airs. But, what the heck, I've been wrong before and I still keep at it, keep in mind, I'm not one of those people who has or pretends to have inside knowledge and won't share it. These are pure guesses. Here is my list of the ten things I think we will see in Season 4.

10. The Wave station is found.
In "The Glass Ballarina" when Colleen is shot and they are bringing her back to the others camp, you can hear someone on the walkie talkie telling Pickett that they have arrived back at "the Wave". I don't know it's location or purpose, but I believe it will figure prominently in the story.

9. In a flashback we find out Christian Shepard is the one who paid off Richard Malkin to make sure Claire gets on the plane to Los Angeles. Probably in the same episode Claire and Jack find out they were siblings. We also find out how Christian wound up having a heart attack in some back alley in Sydney (probably when Malkin tells Christian that he has forseen that the plane will crash.

8. Jin will die in a flash forward. True he is one of the Oceanic 6, but when he returns to civilization, Paik will be furious that Jin does not have the watch anymore. The watch he was charged with delivering to Los Angeles for Mr. Paik has some special ability we don't know about yet. Jin gave the watch to Michael when they were on the raft. I think this is how (either Michael, Walt or Jack) will be able to return to the island also, because of something the watch can do. Perhaps it can store coordinates or has a GPS locater in it. The man seen in the restroom at the Sydney airport talking Korean to Jin will be the one sent by Paik to kill Jin.

7. It is Michael in the coffin.

6. The Orchid station is either found or Ben leads the Losties to it.
They will be on the run from the Freighter people and will hide out there. It is connected to other stations and the Barracks by a series of underground tunnels the Losties will use to evade capture by the Freighter people. I postulate that the Orchid is the cutoff annex of the Swan station as seen on the blast door map. It is interesting to note that Ben and Roger Linus both had the Swan logo on their jumpsuits the day of the purge.

5. We find out that Hugo's dad worked for Dharma, probably on the island.
I always thought it was a little strange that David Reyes left the family for 17 years and showed up again after Hugo won the lottery with no real explanation of where he was for all that time. I know this one is a stretch, but I like Hugo's character and would like more back story on him.

4. Bernard will die.

3. The "him" Kate refers to in the flash forward is Kevin Callis. Kate's cop husband who she had to flee from when he wanted to take her on a vacation that required a valid passport. When she returns to civilization, she returns to him. By the way, he is portrayed by the excellent actor Nathan Fillion, you know they'll want to put him back in the show. Plus, Kate is not pregnant by Sawyer, or if she was, then she will have a miscarriage.

2. New whispers. We will hear Charlie, Tom, and just about everyone who died in Season two, especially in the finale. Expect to hear Charlie every time we see Claire or Aaron on screen or in danger. I'm really hoping for some answers on these whispers, but I don't really expect to get any kind of explanation until season six.

1. In the Season 4 finale, Locke will raise the sub "Galaga" and use it to sink the Freighter. He will sneak up on the ship the same way the others snuck up on Sun in the sailboat. The sub's crew is still alive on the island and will help Locke, who by this time will be the Leader of the others, and anyone else on the island not connected to the Freighter people.

There you are, my wild and crazy predictions for the new year. I hope everyone has a Happy New Year and I hope we can all continue to enjoy our obsessions with the greatest show ever.
Thanks to all who read this and...