The Last Season

The Last Season
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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wasting away in Margaritaville

I'm really sorry I read the spoiler for episode 4. Eggtown has "Filler" and "Time Waster" written all over it. I think I stopped caring about Kate some time during season three. I AM NOT A SHIPPER!! I don't even like the term.

I think the whole screwing Sawyer while trying to flirt with Jack is nonsense. She made her choice, now she should stick with it. The whole episode just to get her probation and for that reveal? I won't spoil it for anyone who doesn't know, but I hope there is more to this episode than what I read.

They are supposed to be moving the story forward. Awww, what the hell, maybe I'm expecting too much.

I guess I really liked the show so much better when there were island mysteries to solve. Whatever happened to hatches, smoke monsters, whispers and ancient ruins? How could we be four episodes into this season and no smoke monster? So far, only Hugo heard whispers and only near Jacob's cabin. I would've thought Miles would be going out of his mind with all the dead people on craphole island longing for someone to talk to.

Wouldn't Shannon just be trying to chat up a storm with the only guy who could hear her?

Speaking of Miles, I think he will be the first casualty of the island. Sure, he'll get his chance to chat with Jacob at some point, but then it's curtains for him. He's gonna be a victim of Ben somehow.

The one to watch out for is Charlotte. She's got an agenda, and it's gonna be an interesting one. I don't think she will ever leave the island either, but she will stay by choice. And I don't believe any of this nonsense I've read about Charlotte being Annie's daughter. Ben would not have tried to put two slugs in her if she was.

Speaking of Annie, I have a few ideas I will flesh out in a future article very soon.



Capcom said...

I pretty much feel the same about this ep. Although I'm trying not to.

You're right! Shannon's got someone to nag again! :-D I liked the island mysteries too. Maybe with Dan around we'll still get some of the whacky science, but I hope that there will be more stations (and a temple!) at some point. I really liked that aspect.

Looking forward to what you are thinking about Annie.

Anonymous said...

I know I'd think poor Miles would be bombarded with all the dead people on the island! Between Shannon and Doc Arzt his head should be ready to explode! Maybe that is why he seems to be in such a bad mood? lol.
I'm intersted in your thoughts on Annie too. She is someone who will factor into Ben's story pretty heavily, I'd think.
I'm hoping we'll get to see the temple. With Cane being cancelled we could get Richard back! That would be so awesome!