The Last Season

The Last Season
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Friday, February 22, 2008

Prison Break (LOST style)

I tuned in at 8:00 pm central last night ready to watch LOST and instead, what came on was Prison Break. I had to check that I was on the right channel. I mean there were the same characters I knew from watching LOST before, Locke, Kate, Sawyer, Ben, and even some angry little guy tied up in a small shed. But what was going on here?

Locke played the part of the warden, Hugo the dim witted guard, Kate the insider with a plan, Sawyer as captain of the guard, and Ben and Miles as the prisoners. What, no guard tower with a machine gun? The rest of the group was busy hiding in their new houses, BAA BAA BAA.

You would think someone like me who is so fanatical about this show that I write a blog about it and have heaped mountains of praise on it's writers, producers and actors could not possibly find fault in it. But sadly, that is not the case. So far, I give this season a grade of D Minus for it's terrible change of direction.

Maybe the writers and producers have been reading too much Shipper fan mail and think that that's all we are interested in. Last nights episode sucked. I even liked "Stranger in a Strange Land" better than this and I couldn't care less about Jack's tattoos.

Kate's motivation was just to find out if the Freighter people knew who she was? Couldn't she have just asked Charlotte or Frank when she was standing next to them. Did we really need the Prison Break drama? What did we learn? Miles wants to extort 3.2 million (not 3.3 million or 3.4 million) from Ben because he knows Ben is worth it.

Another bone I need to pick is, Is it only me or does it seem like the budget for this show has been cut dramatically? All I see now is people walking around and talking in the same sets from last year and flashing a lot of guns around. I did notice that upon second viewing of this episode that there are like 23 executive producers on this staff or roughly one executive producer for every cast member. Is this where the show's budget has gone?

How could we be 4 episodes in to the new season and no Smokey? One incidence of whispers, and that was to Hugo. How come a Ghostbuster isn't hearing anything? NO new hatches, even though we were teased during the haitus about an Orchid hatch, a Wave hatch, a glimpse of Dr. Marvin Candle or a Temple where the Others are hiding out.

In my next post I will write you the outline of the episode you should have written by now. Count me among the Island Mystery fans who are being left out of season 4.



memphish said...

Buck up Hatchling23. Damon and Carlton have said the 1st half of the season is set up and the 2nd half payoff. But I agree if the payoff is who Kate chooses I'll go bonkers. And I used to consider myself a shipper. Looks like the next episode will open the door to more science even if it doesn't provide any answers.

And like you Kate's convoluted scheme to get info. was painful. Her crap of a show trial was too. The most interesting things last night were our 3 minutes or so with the Freighties. Hopefully they will be back in the fore next week.

hatchling23 said...

I am just a little frustrated after all the hints and teases about the Orchid, peeks of large fossils, and Walt and his abilities.

They said every episode would move the story forward, and now with the fallout from the strike we only get 13 eps instead of 16. I didn't get much forward momentum out of last nights episode.

I was hoping for more action, less talking. I love this show enough that I'll stick around no matter what.

Oh, and I did think the grenade scene was awesome.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, Hatchling. This episode was confusing and strange. What is happening with our Losties? Have they all lost their minds? No one seemed to be in character. And the twist at the end with Aaron was not cool, it was just creepy, imo!
I read the spoilers for this episode and I gotta say in this case the spoilers read better than the show actually played out. And that never happens. Major disappointment!
I really hope there won't be anymore weird bizzaro world episodes. Oh yeah I loved the grenade part too. Locke is so freakin' crazy, I love him!

Capcom said...

Too funny Hatchling!

Yep, I don't care about Kate (and her teasing and slutting angst) anymore. If that is TPTB's plan, it sure worked on me.

As for seasonal buildup, we've had monumental buildup from the first three seasons, and are now ready for some payoff related to those first three seasons, IMNSHO. :-}

But, I'll follow where TPTB go, of course. If they never intended for the mysteries of S1-3 to be the main focus of the story, I'll be disappointed, but I'll still ride the Lost train to wherever it's going. Not that I'm a sheeple-type viewer, but just in the hope that SOME of the early funky stuff will finally be revisited. This ep was kind of a blank for me too, but I think that 'Constant' was good for revisiting previous mysteries, so maybe there will be more.

I do miss Smokey though, wussup with that?!