The Last Season

The Last Season
One Dark and One Light...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kate Austin

Episodes 2 was ( I count the premiere as 1 big episode) very different. While Kate has always been a central character in the 815 Survivor's story, she hasn't had very interesting centric episodes. I didn't much like Eggtown either. Her story lines are all character driven, and center around bouncing back and forth between Jack and James.

I guess I lost interest in Kate after the third, or is it fourth time she switched between J&J. When she slapped Sawyer in the cabin right before she stormed off to the helicopter to fly away with Jack, I knew they were done. If I were either one of those two, I would have made her make a choice and stick with it much sooner.

Jate, Sawkat, excuse me, (I just vomited a little in my throat) was not interesting to me and as we now know was also just a sideline to the real story. This is a time traveling, universal course correcting, multi dimensional show about two dudes trapped in time and space, not a love story.
Kate is not central to that!

She has never really displayed any connection to the mythology aspect of the show. Sure, you say she raised Aaron for 3 years, but to me, it seemed forced, like it was written just to give Kate something to do. It was really totally out of character. She didn't even want to hold Aaron on the island when Claire had her. Then two days later she decides to keep Turniphead and raise him as her own. Naw, it didn't make sense to me then and it still doesn't to me now (no, it's not part of her redemption arc - that whole redemption arc is done, and was only B.S. to begin with). The only redemption is to play Survivor, the last name to be scratched out on Jacob's ceiling gets awarded 1 million dollars at Other tribal council.

The latest Kate move that just seems ridiculous so her tooling around all over L.A. in a bright yellow cab while the cops are looking for a woman who stole a bright yellow cab can't see her. She decides it's cool to go back and talk to the one witness who can ID her from the airport and give her a lift to where ever she needs to go. Huh? Then the cops show up at the hospital and Kate is just hanging out with her new BFF who covers for her and gives her a credit card? BWWWhahahahahah. LOL ROFL ROFLMAO...

So, Kate is not exactly who I thought of as a character who really matters in the end game. I wasn't really surprised she didn't have a number on Jacob's or is it Smokey's ceiling in the cave. I really expect her to be killed off before the last episode. Yes, she was touched by Jacob when she was a little girl, and as such will have a heroic epic death performing some incredible deed like saving Jackass Shepard in the climax of this series.


Off Season

During the extremely long hiatus I had the opportunity to watch some other series on DVD. I had received new box sets for both my Birthday and at Christmas. While watching Deadwood, an excellently written series I must say, I noticed a few LOST alumni. First being Paula Malcomson, who on LOST we know as Colleen, the Other who was shot by Sun on the sailboat. I spotted Kim Dickins, who is Cassidy Yates, Sawyer's partner in crime and eventually his baby mama.

Then I saw Titus Welliver, who we only saw on screen in that visage for a few brief moments in the Finale as the infamous MIB. An impressive presence since that is the only screen time he's gonna get as Locke is now the apparent perma-face for Smokey. There was also William Sanderson, who was the Others interrogator named Oldham when he was questioning Sayid Jarrah while Sayid was tripping on truth serum.

Not last and not least was Robin Weigert, who portrayed Juliet's ill sister whom Juliet was trying, or should I say did impregnate artificially. Kind of a weird vibe during those scenes, I mean why was Ethan Rom/Goodspeed coming out of her room just as Juliet was walking down the hall?

I finished Deadwood a week before the premiere of LOST so the cast was still fresh in my mind. So how surprised was I to see yet another Deadwood/Lost crossover. Lennon, played by actor John Hawkes makes his appearance in the LOST universe(s). WOW, I guess I should check to see if it's the same casting department.