The Last Season

The Last Season
One Dark and One Light...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute

Poor Chawley, gave it up for the team. That's gotta earn you a spot with the good guys, right?

I'm fully expecting to hear Charlie whispers every time we see either Claire or Aaron.

An excellent hero's death. The writers brought their "A" game for the season finale. Last night I posted that every picture tells a story. Well, tonight I have just that picture in this article. One of the first scenes we will see this season is Hugo back in civilization, unfortunately not exactly where he wants to be. The first episode of season 4 is Hurley centric.

Tonight CRAZY whacked out theory:

Although I have already seen a spoiler shot of Hurley with short hair which I assume to be
set in a flashforward. Hurley is after all, one of the Oceanic 6. I can't imagine they would have a major cast member so radically change his appearance unless he was either going to get bumped off soon or he would no longer have any island scenes anymore.

I believe that the latter is the case. Once Hugo is rescued he will be cleaned up by his mother, get a haircut, get a shave and take over your money empire again. He will be welcomed back by everybody except Daddy who has been livin' large on Hugo's money.

But then Hugo starts talking crazy talk. Stuff about smoke monsters, healing fast and Bald men who type 4,8,15,16,23,42 over and over again every 108 minutes. Powerful, Crazy old men living in abandoned shacks in the jungle...

Suddenly daddy sees a way to get the money back. Next thing you know Hugo is back at Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute and he has a new friend. That's right, that little fall off the cliff got rid of Dave forever. From now on Charlie is his new BFF.

I held back this little theory because I still hadn't made up my mind about it. It certainly is Charlie Pace, but it looks more like his early Driveshaft days. I'm almost certain that is Hugo Reyes standing there facing him. In the background is what looks like an asphalt driveway.

There's poor Hugo sitting in the loony bin wishing he were back on the beach when he picks up a magazine and sees an article, with an old picture of Charlie Pace of Driveshaft and he's overwhelmed by emotion, and suddenly, there's Charlie, his new cell mate.

Now me personally, I would have dreamed up Libby as my imaginary friend if I had to live there. I really hope we don't see this as the last shot of LOST. "OH it was all in Hugo's Head!"
I would be bummed out.


Monday, December 17, 2007

Every Picture Tells a Story, Don't It?

Looking at the new trailer for season 4 and wondering about a few things. I had planned to write about the new hatch logo revealed last week, but now new info casts doubt on my theory. So while I sulk off to my easy chair to ponder the mystery of the two new hatches for Season 4, I'll just drop these picture on you and let the story unfold.

I warn you matey's, thar be spoilers ahead.

It's a safe bet that were gonna see yet another perspective on the plane crash. I think Greg Grunberg will be making another appearance as our pilot.

Here's another look inside the fuselage pre-breakup. Is that Locke there in the middle?

4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. I don't remember a 6 in there anywhere.

OH, it's how long Hugo can hold his breath under water.

Oops, I think I'm falling, hey buddy, can you give me a hand up?

Ummm, could you use two hands, dude?

What the hell was that? The electrics are going haywire.

Oh crap! Here I go, see ya!

Looks like we have a guest dropping in for dinner.

Just don't shine that in my eyes, okay?

Welcome to the Eyeland.

Nice blue helmet.

Who is that on the right taking a day hike with our Losties? I'm guessing in the future the wrist watches are much bigger.

Someone with long blonde hair and a pistol who is dressed like Ben Linus.

Nope, I don't recognize her either.

Here is a place we've been before. Wonder what this is?

My first thought? Looks like hamburger is back on the menu.
Wait a minute, is that cow wearing a Scarf? Next thing you know it'll be talking to us.

My what a lovely bunch of coconuts.

Well, it looks like our new friends brought some firecrackers along.
Maybe it's Chinese New Years.

I couldn't get the song "Run Thru The Jungle" By Creedence out of my head.

Hey what's that over there? Looks like an old shack.

Kinda dark inside. I wonder who lives here?

Maybe I'll just take a little peek to see if anyone's home.

Oh No, it's the CEO of Fantasy Island.

Run Forrest Run !!!

And I'll leave you with this little nugget. Yes that is a cityscape reflected in the water. I wouldn't read too much into it though. My gut feeling is that it only represents the dual nature of the upcoming season, half the show on the island and half alternating between flash backs and flash forwards.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

He Did It Again...

Juliette: He did it again.
Ben: Did what again?
Juliette: You Know.

The look on Ben's face is Priceless. First time I've really seen fear in his eyes, except for inside Jacob's Shack.

If young Walt happens to be in this Room and is strapped into the same chair as this poor fellow. I have a feeling he may be a little upset. I would hate to be a little birdy on this island.

If like I have, you have been enjoying the LOST mobisodes on, this weeks episode was a knockout. It essentially proved that Walt has psychic powers, Oh sure it's something alluded to in many episodes under the guise of "He's Special", but now we know why he's special. And, I predict he will be returning to the Eyeland. I think he has the power to save the remaining Losties and maybe even a few of the Others from "the Freighter people".

What's that? Did you say remaining? Why yes, word has broken about the "Oceanic 6".
You know the Famous 6 people who survived the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. The ones who receive a large settlement and a "Golden Oceanic Airline Pass". But oh, there is a price to pay, according to Jack Shepard, you must keep telling lies.

Because in the future it just makes Jack a mess. Hmmm, I wonder why that is? Is it because he might have left his sister or his nephew behind? Is that why he wants so desperately to get back? Or did he leave much more on that island? Will we ever know? He didn't leave Kate behind, not that she really seemed to matter much to him. I mean he was just about ready to elope with Juliette before Locke (sorta) blew up the sub.

Speaking of the sub (Galaga), I predict that it is just fine and dandy and will appear again in the near future. First off because it is an important part of how the Others can come and go to or from the island. "The Looking Glass" is the other part.

Bonnie and Greta.

I believe these two lovelies are responsible for much more than signal jamming. It's a shame they died though, I mean WOW, what a couple of dolls. As I have said in an earlier post, The Looking Glass is the way in and out. It is the other side of the mirror.

So back to my point: the Sub will make another appearance in this show. Why? Because the Others and the Losties will join forces to fight the Freighter people and they will use the sub to sneak up on the freighter just like they did to Sun on the sailboat. The crew of the sub was not on board when Locke climbed aboard, so they were ashore on the island and are probably still alive. I think they will help the Losties when the time comes.

I'm just full of crazy predictions tonight.

Going back to the "Oceanic 6" I mentioned. Let's see, theres Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid and of course Jin and Sun. What's that you say? NO Sawyer?

Now why would James Ford remain on the Eyeland?

Because he WANTED to or because he HAD to?

These are the things inquiring minds want to know.

Maybe this is the reason?

Has the con man gone over to the dark side? Has he joined TEAM LOCKE? Has Kate joined him?

And speaking of Locke, where is that Shaman off to now. He was last seen hiking away from the radio tower. Maybe he's going to the Temple and pray to the Four Toed God of Television to end the writer's strike and get them back to making more episodes of LOST! Join us in (we hope) Season 4 to uncover these mysteries.

But wait: It wouldn't be a real column until I hatched at least one theory. Well, since it's close to Christmas, I'm gonna give you a bonus, TWO theories.

Theory 1:

First one's a stretch, but I think it'll play out in the end. In the Looking Glass Station, Bonnie told Chawly that the code was programmed by a musician. Well I theorize that musician is none other than... Liam.

Yes, Chawly's brother. You see he was a mess, and reduced to selling Charlie's piano for money. Then he went and married a gal named Karen. Well, Karen's uncle promised him a job in Sydney, and he successfully underwent rehab while there. Or did he go straight to Sydney? I think he made a little unscheduled stop on the way to pick up a little beer money. An easy job, just make these keys sing a pretty song so the girls can remember the code.

Theory 2:

Now this is the one I have been chewing on for awhile. and what finally set it free was a glimpse of what looked like smoke or a hill exploding in one of the new trailers that is out. My theory is that the island will get mad, really mad at these freighter people and that long dorment Volcano will come to life in a big way. It will free Jacob and exact it's revenge on those that are "Bad People" just like we learned about in Dharma class.

What's that Annie, you have your hand raised there? Do you have a question?

Why yes Mrs. Goodspeed. What will become of me in the future? Will I ever be seen on this show again?

Now Annie, you just relax and eat your Apollo bars, I'm sure we will learn of your fate in a flash forward, or is it flash backwards, Whatever... all in due time kiddies, all in due time.