The Last Season

The Last Season
One Dark and One Light...

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Sky Turned Purple...

Okay fellow LOST fans, every magazine I pick up this week has some top ten list of 2007. Well, I'm gonna give my top ten list of 2008, (predictions that is). I know that the information is coming fast and furious now with new spoilers and teasers coming almost daily, so some of these will be rendered untrue by the time the first episode airs. But, what the heck, I've been wrong before and I still keep at it, keep in mind, I'm not one of those people who has or pretends to have inside knowledge and won't share it. These are pure guesses. Here is my list of the ten things I think we will see in Season 4.

10. The Wave station is found.
In "The Glass Ballarina" when Colleen is shot and they are bringing her back to the others camp, you can hear someone on the walkie talkie telling Pickett that they have arrived back at "the Wave". I don't know it's location or purpose, but I believe it will figure prominently in the story.

9. In a flashback we find out Christian Shepard is the one who paid off Richard Malkin to make sure Claire gets on the plane to Los Angeles. Probably in the same episode Claire and Jack find out they were siblings. We also find out how Christian wound up having a heart attack in some back alley in Sydney (probably when Malkin tells Christian that he has forseen that the plane will crash.

8. Jin will die in a flash forward. True he is one of the Oceanic 6, but when he returns to civilization, Paik will be furious that Jin does not have the watch anymore. The watch he was charged with delivering to Los Angeles for Mr. Paik has some special ability we don't know about yet. Jin gave the watch to Michael when they were on the raft. I think this is how (either Michael, Walt or Jack) will be able to return to the island also, because of something the watch can do. Perhaps it can store coordinates or has a GPS locater in it. The man seen in the restroom at the Sydney airport talking Korean to Jin will be the one sent by Paik to kill Jin.

7. It is Michael in the coffin.

6. The Orchid station is either found or Ben leads the Losties to it.
They will be on the run from the Freighter people and will hide out there. It is connected to other stations and the Barracks by a series of underground tunnels the Losties will use to evade capture by the Freighter people. I postulate that the Orchid is the cutoff annex of the Swan station as seen on the blast door map. It is interesting to note that Ben and Roger Linus both had the Swan logo on their jumpsuits the day of the purge.

5. We find out that Hugo's dad worked for Dharma, probably on the island.
I always thought it was a little strange that David Reyes left the family for 17 years and showed up again after Hugo won the lottery with no real explanation of where he was for all that time. I know this one is a stretch, but I like Hugo's character and would like more back story on him.

4. Bernard will die.

3. The "him" Kate refers to in the flash forward is Kevin Callis. Kate's cop husband who she had to flee from when he wanted to take her on a vacation that required a valid passport. When she returns to civilization, she returns to him. By the way, he is portrayed by the excellent actor Nathan Fillion, you know they'll want to put him back in the show. Plus, Kate is not pregnant by Sawyer, or if she was, then she will have a miscarriage.

2. New whispers. We will hear Charlie, Tom, and just about everyone who died in Season two, especially in the finale. Expect to hear Charlie every time we see Claire or Aaron on screen or in danger. I'm really hoping for some answers on these whispers, but I don't really expect to get any kind of explanation until season six.

1. In the Season 4 finale, Locke will raise the sub "Galaga" and use it to sink the Freighter. He will sneak up on the ship the same way the others snuck up on Sun in the sailboat. The sub's crew is still alive on the island and will help Locke, who by this time will be the Leader of the others, and anyone else on the island not connected to the Freighter people.

There you are, my wild and crazy predictions for the new year. I hope everyone has a Happy New Year and I hope we can all continue to enjoy our obsessions with the greatest show ever.
Thanks to all who read this and...