The Last Season

The Last Season
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Sunday, July 15, 2007

There and Back Again

One of the enduring mysteries concerns the comings and goings from LOST island. We've seen plenty of evidence that it is indeed possible to leave and return to the island.

Ahhh, but how?

In Ben's flashback, back in the happy days of the DHARMA initiative's reign on the island, new arrivals were seen walking down the dock and being greeted with Leis and Namastes. We also saw Juliette arrive in the same way, being greeted by Ben upon her arrival. So this is probably the normal way people arrive, although as I stated in an earlier post, I don't believe this is how large equipment arrives.

If there was an airport available, I believe it would have been utilized earlier and also to bring in people. So I am left to assume they had to bring in the heavy equipment some other way. That dock doesn't look long enough and the lagoon deep enough for a Freighter ship so I'm curious to know how those VW vans got there.

The Arrow station, supposedly the storage facility, was not located near an airstrip or dock. not very convenient for transportation purposes. I don't really think we've seen all of the Arrow station anyway, I think there is more there than meets the eye. Horace Goodspeed had the Arrow station patch on his overalls and he was a "Mathemetician", so it's unlikely he was working in shipping and receiving.

When Juliette was questioned by Sawyer about what they were constructing on the Hydra Island, Juliette jokingly said it was "for the aliens", and obvious joke on Sawyer's line in "Live Together, Die Alone" when he joked with Kate about the others being aliens. But then Juliette said they were building an airstrip.


How is it possible for an airplane to fly to this hidden island? Wouldn't the electromagnetic anomaly affect the aircraft and it's navigation system. If not why wouldn't they have built on much sooner, say back in the DHARMA days? Curious because the PRD's (periodic supply drops) were still taking place and the pallets in the jungle had obvious parachutes lying next to them. This would indicate an airdrop.

Let's change directions for a moment, 108 degrees.

We know Ethan and Richard were off the island in order to recruit Juliette. We later saw them on the island .(this is all after the Purge took place) so we know that Ben and group still can make the round trip. Although after the Purge it seems odd that Richard and Ethan would have access to off island resources (Herarat Aviation).

When Alex asked Ben why he just doesn't let the losties go, he answers; "I can't". Now there is some wiggle room for double meaning there, but I took what he said literally. With the submarine blown up, Ben can't let them go because he can't actually access The Looking Glass Hatch to let the losties go (except maybe one or two people via scuba gear).

Picturing Ben here as Ramses and Jack as Moses: "Let my people go" Yet in the original story, Moses never made it to the promised land and in LOST the first person we see off the island (flash forward) is Jack (Moses).

We know that the others on the island assumed that it was possible or even normal to travel off island. Even though Ben told Juliette it was only an illusion to keep order, there still must have been a way to do it for real. Mikhail fully bought into the illusion as he seemed surprised that Bonnie and Greta weren't on assignment in Canada as Ben had told him (although it would have seemed odd because as communications officer he would have been the one to receive messages from them if they were off the island), and a curious anomaly, Mikhail was told The Looking Glass was flooded by Ben, so where did he think Desmond was going to go?

Changing directions back to 325 degrees again.

One thing puzzling me is the submarine (Galaga). It appears to have three places to dock, The dock where Locke claims to have blown it up, the dock at Hydra station, and the Looking Glass Hatch. Travel to and from the island via submarine is slow and still doesn't explain where it goes to pick up people off island ( and like I said, it still wouldn't be able to bring in heavy equipment). I suppose the heavy equipment could have been air dropped, but I wouldn't want to be standing around when they dropped the cement truck off.

Juliette was given a sedative because as Richard put it "The ride gets a little bumpy". She arrives at an airport to leave and gets off at her destination from a submarine. Hmmmm... Why not give her the sedative right before she gets on the sub? And how did she get on that sub? I believe they put her on the sub at The Looking Glass.

I'll bet Naomi was flying around out there every day for weeks or months before the island came into phase as she flew over. Her group probably knew they were close to the island location, maybe they monitored the Arctic boys phone call to Penny. If so, they would have a plausible cover story to drop in on the island. (oh, we were just looking for Desmond.) Speaking of the Arctic boys, wasn't it interesting that when they picked up the signal from the island it had a direct connection to the Numbers. Look at the screen, pictured.

7418880 is the product of the Numbers:

4 × 8 × 15 × 16 × 23 × 42 = 7418880

7 + 4 + 1 + 8 + 8 + 80 = 108

Hmmmm... 108 again, I sense a theme here.

I think The Looking Glass is the key. Other than just a signal jammer, this station must have a significant purpose. The signal was on autopilot and apparently everyone thought it was flooded, so why were Greta and Bonnie there? Why place it under water? To hide it? The island is already hidden. Maybe under water the electromagnetic interference is diffused? What hid the island before The Looking Glass turned on it's jamming signal? Why didn't anyone triangulate the signal coming from the broadcast tower? I know, I have more questions than answers.

My Theory:
The Looking Glass is the rabbit hole. It is a stable portal to the outside. It is the Time Tunnel. Controlled arrival and departure is via The Looking Glass. People pass through to get on and off the island and this station controls when and where in the time stream they come or go. Sure you can arrive on the island by air and sea (sailboat, slave ship, balloon, airliner, beechcraft, parachute) but these are rare and random occurrences and only during the islands synching into phase with the current dimension or timeline.

Think of the Opening Logo of the show. It is out of focus (phase) and slowly comes into focus (phase) and only for a moment can you see and read it clearly ( access the island) before it goes out of focus (phase).

Whoa, that's out there.

I appreciate all your input on my theory.

I have just started a new job and it's keeping me hopping like a little white rabbit, so I will be updating a little slower than usual until I settle into my new job.


Sunday, July 1, 2007

Time After Time

Remember Captain Kirk? If he didn't let poor Edith Keeler die, he would have created a paradox and erased his own future. The Guardian of Forever (pictured here) said: "Time has resumed its shape. All is as it was before." This was my early exposure to the concept of TIME TRAVEL. I mean I've watched hundreds of shows since then including The Time Tunnel, various Outer Limit episodes and Quantum Leap just to mention a few, but none captured my imagination like that first time.

I think one of the inherent mysteries of LOST island is Time Travel.

There have been many different clues scattered throughout various episodes that allude to time travel. Many people have also tried to tie this in with alternate dimensions or additional timelines. I believe there is only one timeline. I think it is fluid, in flux and always changing the present. everyone in this reality changes with it without realizing a change has even taken place. They have no fixed point to reference to see a change has taken place because they change with it.

Charlie can't swim, now Charlie is a junior swim champion and nobody objects, because to them the first reality is gone. Something transpired in the stream of time that changed everyones perception. We are television viewers and do have a fixed point of reference, so we remember Charlie saying he can't swim.

I really enjoyed Ray Bradbury's story "A Sound of Thunder" in the context that it illustrates how going back in time and changing one thing creates a ripple effect that alters the future. This is described as the butterfly effect. But this only explains what happens when a change in the past makes ripple changes from that point forward in time ( theoretically then, nothing prior to the event change would be altered ). History up to that point would have remained the same.

This is the concept of Linear time. In this concept time moves only forward.

My Theory

In Lost Island Time, time is not linear, it is "ALWAYS", no beginning and no end, it is Circular.

Imagine the Ourborous, make a change to any part of the circle and the whole circle is affected. Any point in time changes and all time changes to accomodate this. If you are part of the stream you do not realize you change also, as you are always in a state of change.

Fate as a Force

Ms. Hawking was not concerned for the fellow in the red shoes, because he would have died anyway.

If not in the construction accident , then a slip in the shower and a broken neck. In order for the ripple of change to complete the Ouroboros circle, he had to die. Otherwise there would be a bottleneck of change either stored up until he died or it would have flowed backwards, changing the past, somehow, someway he had to die. If the universe couldn't have accomplished his death in the construction accident because of some interference, it would have made a course correction and killed him some other way.

Charlie was only going to cheat death so many times until the universe corrected for him. Every time he cheated death with Desmond's help something in in the circle changed. Perhaps the ripple didn't go in one direction, maybe it went the opposite direction around the circle, affecting his youth before coming back to the spot on the circle we call the present. Thus his youth is changed to make him a swim champion, and everyone else in our reality doesn't know any different.

Time has no beginning and Time has no end. Make any change and that change resonates through all of time, forwards, backwards, all around the circle.

Time and Paradox

Imagine building a time machine, stepping in a going back ten years and killing yourself. If you killed yourself, then how could you have built the time machine ten years later? This is a paradox and could only be possible in Linear time.

In Lost Island Time, you could not build the time machine, or travel through the circle to a point 10 years earlier, because the time stream is in constant flux. that moment you want to go back to doesn't exist, other events have altered the time stream and it updates them constantly. Even if you could go back to that moment 10 years earlier, the mere fact of you arriving there would eliminate the other you, because that other you is now the present you.

This is why Desmond didn't run in to past Desmond in 1996. He simply replaced past Desmond in 1996.

The Novikov self-consistency principle applies (named after Dr. Igor Dmitrievich Novikov, Professor of Astrophysics at Copenhagen University). The principle states that if you travel in time, you cannot act in such a way so as to create a paradox.

Maybe the Captain of Naomi's Boat will be called Novikov?

The whole idea of being enslaved by time and space is because we perceive time as linear. Just as we perceive the universe as finite. Time is endless and events don't necessarily affect things in only one direction in time


There is still room in my theory for more dimensions, they are not exclusive of time, but go along with the flow of everything else. This might be where Jacob lives, or where the whispers are coming from, I don't know. I'd actually like some reader feedback here so I can formulate my theory on the whispers better ( some future article).

Now my head hurts...

I got started on this by reading an article on EYE M SICK's excellent website. Check out the link to his site on the right in my LOST links. Lots of great theories out there, and I'm sure you have time to read them all between now and January.