The Last Season

The Last Season
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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Up Periscope

Not much prep tonight. Straight to the theory.

My Theory

I've been thinking a little too much just how the Oceanic 6 would be departing from Mystery Frikkin' Island, and I have come to the conclusion that they will be going by Submarine. I think were gonna get a Locke flashback that shows John moving the sub and swimming back to the pier.

See, I think John never really blew it up. He just parked it for later and blew up the dock instead. Yea, that's why he's all wet. But it's not just Johnnie Boy that's gonna save 'em. He'll need someone's help to drive the boat. wouldn't you know, Ben just happens to know how to operate the sub too.

Of course, it's a small sub and can only handle a few passengers at a time. So, besides Ben only six others can fit on the sub. Mmmmmm... who could those 6 be? I can see the long goodbye kiss between Jack and Juliette on the pier now. Awwww. Ben and James wouldn't be going back, and since they are somehow split up and in a hurry to leave, Jin and the rest get left behind because they are nowhere around.

It's because they have to leave in a hurry, maybe they are in a firefight and Ben says, "Let's go! We have to leave now!" So this is how they leave the island. Probably forcing Sun aboard because she doesn't want to leave Jin behind. Claire is most likely injured, maybe in a coma and can't be moved, so they grab baby Aaron and run. This also explains how Ben got off the island.

Maybe they make a quick stop over at the Freighter and pick up Sayid. I can see how Michael would get himself killed helping Sayid get rescued by the Sub, and allowing all of the O6 to get away. This completes his redemption cycle. I'm really not sure about Desmond though. I'm postulating here that he makes it back to the island somehow. especially since he can now control his mind during time travel with the help of his Constant, Penny.

And since Daniel wrote in his journal that Desmond is his constant, I imagine we'll be seeing Desmond well into next season, at least.

That is the WTF ending for the finale, but not the last shot. After we come back from commercials for the last 45 seconds of the season, we see Ben dropping them off on some nearby island and disappearing while the O6 are all standing on the beach as a rescue ship approaches, Yea, were saved!



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Anonymous said...

Cool idea! I think that Ben is going to use the sub too. I never fully believed that Locke blew that sub up.
I have a feeling though that deals are going to be made and they won't necessarily be rushing to get off the island. But your way would be more dramatic for sure!
But I can't see them taking Aaron and leaving Claire unconscious unless they think she is dead. That would be too cruel, but this is Lost and anything can happen.

Capcom said...

I love this theory. I think that the saving Aaron bit could make sense if Claire is seriously injured, because someone would say that it's what Claire would want for the baby, so they would be hesitant but know that it would be the best thing to do. Or, maybe even Claire could be conscious enough to request it and make Kate promise to take care of him, if she's too injured to go with him herself.

And I posted this Q on the Lost Elders blog to your comment: Would the island that Ben drops them off on happen to be near the Bali area by the freckage that he dumped there, to keep the island's locale secret? Assuming that he is the one who dumped it there that is.

Anonymous said...

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