The Last Season

The Last Season
One Dark and One Light...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

We're not going to Guam, are we?

Man, What a rush that episode was. I mean that in 2 ways. One: it seemed like it was over in a half an hour. two: what a massive download of information.
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Two pieces of information were delivered very clearly. The first was given almost as a throwaway remark. Jack telling Kate that the reason his dad was wearing white tennis shoes was because he didn't think it was worth the cost or time to buy him a nice pair of shoes, because who would see them anyway? I know this little nugget has been a nagging question since the pilot episode and we saw the white tennis shoe hanging from the tree branch. I'm actually glad that there is a simple explanation for a few things and not everything has to be wrapped up in the mythology of the island.

The second piece of info, courtesy of chatty Cathy.. er, I mean Ms. Hawking, was an explanation of how Dharma found the island, along with acting as their travel agent and selecting their flight. Pretty soon you will be able to select your window of departure through Expedia, although the selection of hotels and rental cars on the island is a little sparse.

One thing didn't make any sense to me. Why introduce Jack's grandfather? What was the point? He could easily have gotten some shoes or other article of his father's from his mom. Wouldn't Christian's wife have a few mementos of her late husband? It did serve to deflate some rumors I've read concerning Jack's heritage, as if he's descended from a long line of Island inhabitants or some such thing.

Were not going to Guam, are we?

Man the trip back moved along quick. I was a little confused by the role reversal going on though. Sayid was in handcuffs like Kate, Ben went to the bathroom just before the turbulance like Charlie, not to mention showing up at the last second and Hurley crying out, he's not suppossed to be here. some weird stuff.

OK, is there anyone who doesn't think Ben killed Penny. Looks like Penny put up a pretty good fight too. I mean they pretty much have to give Desmond a good reason to go back to the island, so I think revenge will be it. He will arrive back on the island looking to tear Ben's lungs out.

Anyway its' on to theory time...

I think we can scratch one more mystery off our list. Richard Alpert. Yes I know he wasn't in last night's episode, but as soon as I saw the previews for next week, a light bulb literally went off in my head.

Who do we see walking around and talking, none other than John Locke. ( Ben Linus is there in the room when John Locke hangs himself. ) He joins at least two other folks who have arrived on this island as a corpse and were resurrected. One is Christian Sheppard, the other I believe is Richard Alpert. Here goes...

Put on your time travel Dharma jacket and journey with me back to the past, way back, further back, the dim mists of time around 3500 years ago. Picture a funeral procession going down the Nile. Several reed boats, one holding the body of the recently deceased Pharaoh. Suddenly without realizing it, they encounter a window to the island. Transported instantly to a lush green paradise. As they look on in amazement, their Pharaoh rises from the dead. They build a temple, a statue and worship their leader.

Of course in time all of the original people who came with him die. New people arrive through out the ages as they accidentally encounter windows to the island. Richard is there already, Richard is always there.

Hieroglyph for Richard Alpert.

After a few thousand years of people trying to leave the island and getting time warped, a few finally manage to get lucky and figure out the right direction, is it 305˚, 315˚, 325˚ who knows, but the secret is born. "That's privileged information", as Richard told Locke.

Big fat bonus theory...

Since you've read this far and you know my track record for theories is pretty crappy, so don't put too much stock in this one. It came to me watching Jughead. Since they found those skeletons way back in season 1. Jack guessed they must have been around 40-50 years old. Certainly predating Dharma by at least two decades. I was wondering whatever became of Bernard and Rose during the island time skipping. It seems like the I6 were in 1954 for quite a bit of time. Maybe enough time for Rose and Bernard to wanna find a safe place to hide out after their beach camp disappeared. Maybe they went to the caves because they needed fresh water? I'm sure they had no way of knowing what year they were in. One Black and One White, hmmmm...

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